Two industrial plants with shift work, the use of hypoallergenic, non-toxic paints and absolutely conceived

in respect of the environment allow us to respond to every need of the customer.

For the glass we offer solutions of glossy or opaque transparency finished, or of total glossy or satin cover, to propose the new degraded shades.

For the plastic solutions increase thanks to the characteristics of the base and a transparent lacquered or opaque with UV processing,

are only the basic proposal accompanied by varnished, iridescent, interference, soft touch, pearly ….




Six semiautomatic systems for screen printing, two automatic pad printing systems, an automatic system with flaming and UV oven for plastic screen printing,

two thermal furnaces and a static oven and two systems for hot printing for glass.

UV, water-based and epoxy inks in compliance according to the health regulations of the European legislation,

and of a generation of inks so evolved that the brightness of the precious embroidery, the sharpness of the writing and the purity of the lines remain unaltered over time.





In the year 2018 VMC Mottini integrated in the new production department an automatic line of UV metallization technology (Sputtering).

By this is possible to evaporate in a bell, a sterile environment with a constant atmosphere, metallic materials such as aluminum, copper, brass and light gold.

With this new technology VMC Mottini technology is able to perform with high chemical resistance to the perfumes and essences,

mechanical to withstand scratches and abrasions from contact and maintain over time, the sheen and the aesthetic characteristics of the metals.